Who Is Buying RV’s Today?

The following article sent in by Sally Haynes

There was a time when the word ‘RV’ was associated with older purchasers who, after a lifetime of work, finally retired and bought into an RV to see more of the country, and the world at large. However, research has shown that the RV industry is thriving (US News – RV Sales Booming) and the reason for this is that the market is getting younger with each passing year. According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), the fastest-growing group of RV owners in 2013 belonged to the 35-44-year-old age group, which is just slightly less than the industry’s largest group of owners (aged 45 to 54). In the 1980s, the average RV owner was aged 50; these days, that number is closer to 48, with further drops expected (RVIA Faq’s) over the next few years.

The change has been spurred on by RV manufacturers themselves, who realize that to attract younger buyers (CNBC – RV Buyers Getting Younger), specific features must be given importance. Fitness, for instance, is an important consideration for those in their 30s and 40s and RVs today contain features such as bicycle and kayak racks, which are majorly tempting for those who typically head out to lakeside and forest destinations, to hone their fitness while getting up close to Nature.

RV Camping Is FunModern RV parks have also woken up to the demand for better fitness offerings, by offering clients a wide array of fitness installations, gyms, etc. Some parks offer guided walking activities in nearby natural areas, while others make life easier for clients via rental bikes, kayaks, and more. Indeed, in recent years, the concept of the luxury RV Resort has made RV life more tempting than ever for singletons and families with young children alike. If you are travelling to Texas, for instance, check out SunRV Resorts, an example of how these days, there is little difference between a stay at an RV resort, and a good three- or four-star hotel. Top RV resorts have shuffleboard courts, outdoor pools, games rooms, tennis and pickleball courts, and more. Also lined up are a host of activities, including dancing, parties, activities for kids, etc. RVs are therefore an ideal choice for families with small kids who wish to have fun while their kids are entertained with a host of led activities and games.

RV Parks are also catering their services and facilities to different demographics. Again in Texas, for instance, the Fort Amarillo RV Resort is built to please the discerning spa goer, with an indoor heated pool, hot tub, fitness room, and a stream-fed fishing pond promising to take stress levels back to zero.

The RV purchaser these days is also someone who longs for the plentiful Health Benefits of Nature, which have been verified by many recent studies. Forest settings, it seems, will lower levels of harmful stress hormones, but also help everyone from those recovering from cancer, to children with ADHD. RVs, then, appeal to health-conscious purchasers who are beginning to forego traditional city sightseeing breaks in favor of relaxing breaks in the many natural paradises that pepper America. Current studies show that the average American child spends as little as 30 minutes in unstructured outdoor play,and over seven hours each day in front of an electrical device. An RV holiday is the ideal antidote for our over-reliance on technology.

Reduced costs are another reasons why RVs are becoming more attractive to buyers of all ages, across the globe. In the UK, RV sales are hitting record numbers, and a number of collateral markets have sprung up to cater to the burgeoning demand. Take the RV insurance sector – in the UK, Specific Insurance Coverage is catered to RVs of all types and sizes, covering any damage which may occur to the vehicle itself, as well as emergencies, campsite and vacation coverage, etc. Moreover, RV manufacturers now offer a wide range of vehicles catering to all budget types, so that cost is a lesser issue than it was even a decade ago. Banks are also more willing to finance an RV purchase, so that even couples in their late 20s are buying into the RV trend.

The RV industry has enjoyed solid growth, with figures indicating that the industry has enjoyed an 11 percent gain year on year, and a 116 percent gain since its recession low, in 2009. Experience has shown that as the RV industries expands, the demand from younger buyers continues to grow, meaning that the nature of RV vehicles, resorts and associated services, will probably be changing over the next few years, in more ways than we can imagine.

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