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There is a lot of information available here at www.rv-camping.org. Here are answers to our most common questions.

Q – What is the best way to use your site?

A – www.rv-camping.org is a broad spectrum RV and camping information source that was started as a research tool to locate RV camping sites. The USA Camping Information Map on our home page will link you to state by state specific resources for locating public and private RV and camping locations. You will find official camping location information about wildlife management areas (WMA), state and national parks, forest campgrounds, tourism information, RV dump stations, and even community parks that allow camping.

There is much more information available if you take the time to explore our site. You can find boondocking information, RV travelogs, RV safety articles, RV renting information, private RV park locators state by state, discount camping and more. Don’t forget to check out our RV and Camping Tips section where we’ve come up with some specific answers to RV operation and camping questions.

Q – You mention boondocking throughout the web site…what is that?

A – www.v-camping.org defines boondocking as “remote location dispersed camping”. The USDA Forest Service defines dispersed camping as “camping outside developed campgrounds”. With this in mind, you might say boondocking is advanced RV camping. Camping away from developed campgrounds, towns, etc. without RV hookups is boondocking. Overnight parking in a Wal-Mart, camping in a primitive designated campground etc. is dry camping. Check out our Boondocking Information Page!

Q – How long can you dry camp?

A – Depending on weather, we can stay out a minimum 2 weeks to 22 days (our personal best without getting water and dumping holding tanks). When heading into remote RV camping locations, we carry additional full water containers. We have had circumstances where we used our outside shower and went into town for additional water with portable water containers in the Jeep.

Q – Can you make me a map to a campground?

A – Sorry, but we do not make custom maps other than those published on our web site.

Q – What about the static maps on your site?

A – Maps on our web site are generated using DeLorme Topo 6.0. We have obtained exclusive permission to publish these custom maps to RV camping sites, campgrounds, and boondocking locations on our site.

Q – Can you tell me the best place to rent an RV?

A – The simple answer is no. We offer suggestions on how to find and rent an RV on our RV Rentals Page.

Q – Can I use your web site content?

A – At our discretion, we will grant written permission to use original content from our site. Drop us an email if you would like to use information presented at www.rv-camping.org.

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