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We recently learned of a new RV travel planning business and want to share that information with you. RV Adventure-USA has a great concept, especially for those traveling to areas they have not visited before, and are looking for help in planning the best RV camping trip possible. International travelers, and people renting an RV are some of the prime customers, but anyone could benefit from this service. The following was provided by RV Adventure-USA, and we hope you will find the information useful and informative.


RV Adventure-USA

Let me introduce you to RV Adventure-USA, a RV travel agency that makes RV travel easy! We are a family-owned business with over 40 years experience traveling in RVs. We not only understand the excitement of getting out in that rig and seeing the USA but also the time and effort it takes to make it all come together. We also understand how frustrating this can be for the occasional traveler or single-destination camper. That's where we come in!

Don't you just love vacations! It's your time away to rest and relax from the rush and stress of daily living. But there is nothing like coming home to your own bed and your own surroundings. Traveling in an RV is like taking your home with you – you sleep in your bed and use your own bathroom that you haven't had to share with a million other people. Traveling in your RV gives you total control.

Traveling in an RV is quite an adventure and a lot more fun than most people know. You drive where you want to go, stop when you want to stop, see what you want to see and simply enjoy being together with family or friends. No group schedule, no worry about missing flights, or being late and the rental car company is closed!

Our Memories

In today's busy lifestyle, we find getting into our rig is a great way to get away from it all and relax. We love spending time with each other and our children. We talk, play games, hike, fish, sightsee and simply enjoy time away from work, phones, and other daily interruptions.

When we were in our 20s and had young kids, we would get together with our family (we each owned an RV of some type) and head out to the desert for a weekend. Our children were close in age and got along fairly well. We taught them how to ride motorcycles and drive dune buggies and just enjoy being away from the City. The best part of each trip was eating dinner over an open campfire, singing songs, and eating S'mores. I believe we all have special memories of those times.

As our kids got older, we upgraded to a bigger motor home and began traveling to see historical sites that the USA had to offer. Amazingly enough, our kids actually enjoyed getting out there and seeing The Alamo, Yosemite National Park, and of course we always tried to fit in the local amusement park or water park as well. They will probably tell you the best part was the pool at each campsite!!

Why use an RV travel agency?

There are many people out there who would love to try this type of vacation but don't get any farther than wondering about it as they just don't know where to rent a rig (or which rig is best for their particular needs), where to go, where to stay, what to see…it can be very overwhelming.

Others own their own rig and go from Destination A to Destination B – why go anywhere else, they know the route, the campground, sites to see… no stress!

Then there are still others who want to go on vacation, are very excited to travel in an RV, but just don't want to take the time and energy to plan the trip – we can all relate to that.

RV Adventure-USA offers our customers first hand experience and the benefit of our knowledge of specific sites across the USA when planning their trip. We know how to plan an enjoyable trip that is not exhaustive or boring better than anyone – why?? Because we've done it!!

We annually spend 200 nights on the road and average 15,000 miles each year in our 36 foot 5th wheel. Our trips start in California which is our home base. We are usually gone 6-9 months depending on how much family we want to slip in along the way. We plan an interesting route that includes things that are of interest to us, campgrounds that meet our needs, routes that are best for the time of year and for driving our RV, and specifically lots of time to relax and enjoy.

You may be thinking why not just use Good Sam or AAA – these are great resources for you no doubt about it. They will gladly give you brochures on campsites, sights to see and other general information, but you may be working with someone who has never vacationed/traveled in an RV.

Or why pay someone for what you can find for yourself just by browsing the internet? We help you plan a vacation that is effortless and fun. Why take the chance on a camp site or pull up a map when you can put our experience to work for you. Chances are we have camped in the area where you are planning to go and know the roads, the conditions of the campgrounds, and the areas around for site seeing. RV Adventure-USA is your EXPERIENCED RV Travel Agency.

"We've had an RV for seven years and love to travel, but have never had the experts to help us plan our trip. RV Adventure-USA gave us valuable information about camp sites that would accommodate our rig. We think everyone should use them!" Karen in Tustin, CA

Finding the right campground

Finding the right campground is essential as you don't want to stay in campgrounds that are dirty, under construction, have difficult access, that don't have the right size site for your rig, or have a history of high crime. It's important that when you park your rig that there's enough room to expand your slide outs, break out the awning, set up your BBQ and chairs, and plenty of room to park your vehicle if you are towing. You don't want to be sitting right on top of your neighbor!

How do we know which campground is good and which ones aren't? Over the years, we've compiled quite a list of campsites across the USA and made notations regarding construction, road access, pool/jacuzzi, bathrooms, golf, hiking, shopping, laundry facility, etc. — anything we can think of to help us remember the campsite.

You may not think these are important but wait until you get to the campsite and THEN remember "oh that's right, we didn't want to come back here again." Especially when you are booked there for a week!!

"Thank you RV Adventure-USA for finding us the right campground for our trip. It was pet friendly and our animals loved the dog park" – John, Hume, VA

Trip Planning

Our customers complete a Plan Your Trip form to assist us in creating the right trip for them. They provide us with start/end dates, how long they want to be gone, how many miles/day they want to travel, how much sightseeing they want to do, and any other information that they feel we need to ensure that their trip is a success.

"Using the form to fill out our vacation plans was easy and then we left the rest to RV Adventure -USA!" – Craig, Long Beach, CA

Our Promise

We utilize our experience to ensure our customers get the best trip possible. We will not send anyone on a trip filled with questionable camp sites, places they have no interest in, unexplored areas…our goal is to provide our customers with a fun, relaxing, memorable trip that they will look back on and smile.

"We were so happy with the trip you planned for us from Florida to California – it was relaxing, fun, and we still managed to see everything we wanted to! We couldn't have done it without you." – Connie, Madison, FL

So let's get you on the road! It's easy to get started, just go to www.rvadventure-usa.com or email us at rvadventure-usa@hotmail.com!!

There's no doubt that RV Adventure-USA is the right choice for anyone planning a trip or vacation in an RV. We look forward to helping you plan the trip of a lifetime!!!

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