International RV Camping

International Recreational Vehicle (RV) Camping

There are a lot of possibilities for RV camping for adventurous international travelers. RV rental and hire companies offer fully equipped recreational vehicles ready to be loaded with your personal belongings and food for an exciting overseas vacation or holiday. Some international travelers purchase a new or used RV when they get to their country of destination. For those that already own an RV, vehicle swapping might be perfect for you.

RV Swapping

RV, motorhome and campervan owners can enjoy many of the same vacation and holiday benefits as people who exchange their homes. One unique Internet company we’ve become aware of offers the tried and tested approach of a holiday exchange program, where owners exchange their pride and joy (traditionally houses and more recently boats) to have all the convenience of a well equipped home in another part of the world at virtually no cost.

With establishment of and competitor, details of motorhomes and their owners seeking this type of opportunity can be made available. Owners can have the reassurance that they will exchange with like minded people who care about their motorhomes/RVs.

International RV Camping – Rental & Hire


If you don’t already own an RV, international travelers can benefit from recreational vehicle rental and hire companies. If you would rent a car in a foreign country, you can just as easily rent an RV or campervan.

Rental recreational vehicles are equipped with bedding and cookware if desired. You should be fully instructed in the proper use of the vehicles systems including operation of holding tank valves and fresh water tank filling. Rental contracts should protect both you and the rental or hire company. Know what you are agreeing to.

Using your favorite Internet search engine (we recommend Yahoo), searching for “country (where do you want to go?) RV camping” should provide a great starting point for finding rental and hire companies. As with any business transaction, it’s your responsibility for determining value, safety, and business ethics of the companies you choose. We hope you choose wisely!

Unlimited RV Camping Possibilities

From the Australian Outback, to the Scottish Highlands, RV camping opportunities are limitless. Adventurous international travelers deciding on an RV for their vacation or holiday transportation and lodging can discover remote places that few tourists ever see. If you are interested in RV camping inside the USA, you can find information about most public land camping locations at RV Camping.

Always keep in mind vehicle operators license requirements, insurance laws, and local ordinances. Learn what is and is not allowed where you wish to camp and travel.

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