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RV Camping – Alaska Travelog

An RV camping trip to Alaska is a dream most RVers will never get to experience. We are fortunate to have been able to spend the time to take this amazing RV camping trip. Follow our daily RV camping travels as we cover over 6000 miles of the most incredible scenery in North America. We’ll share a few pictures of the trip along the way, but pictures can not do justice to this beautiful landscape.


You will notice that we often refer to the Mileposts book throughout the journal entries. We feel that if you drive to Alaska, you MUST have this book! Alaska, and Canada’s British Columbia and Yukon are rich in History. Jack London wrote popular novels such as White Fang, and The Call of the Wild (Global Classics), and contemporary poet Robert Service’ The Spell of the Yukon and Other Verses helped make knowledge of life in the north country wilderness well known. The Mileposts book will help you learn about the history as you go, with descriptions of what happened in the past, as well as what to expect on the road ahead.

We recommend that you only use the most current issue of Mileposts as it contains the most up-to-date road and service availability information.

Journal Entries

Each days journal entries follow. Each day also has a link to the next and previous days journal entry so you can read one day after another if you wish, or you can come back to this page and go directly to a page you are interested in.

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