New Jersey RV Camping

New Jersey RV Camping

New Jersey RV Camping – All The Comforts Away From Home

New Jersey RV Camping

New Jersey RV camping offers great scenery, solitude, interesting history and outdoor recreation for the whole family. Camp in deep forest locations or the Jersey Shore. From exclusive RV resorts, to basic service public campgrounds, every type of RV camping site is available in New Jersey.

New Jersey RV Parks

  • New Jersey RV Parks – Research tool for finding the best New Jersey RV parks and campgrounds.

State and Federal RV Camping Information

  • National Park Service – NPS information about NPS administered lands in New Jersey. The New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve is a federal and state combined effort with many New Jersey RV camping opportunities.
  • New Jersey State Parks – Information about RV camping and other outdoor recreation opportunities in New Jersey state parks and forests.
  • New Jersey State Tourism Website – Where to go, and what to do. Includes New Jersey RV camping suggestions and trip planning ideas.

RV Dumps Stations In New Jersey

  • – RV dump locations listed alphabetically by town name.
  • – Places to dump your RV in New Jersey.

More Public New Jersey RV Camping Locations

Some county parks have campgrounds suitable for RV camping in New Jersey. Monmounth County Park Campgrounds offers 64 pull-through campsites suitable for tents and RVs. There is limited first come first serve campsite availability.

Bergen County offers the Camp Glen Gray to those looking for tent campsites.

To find county or city park campgrounds in New Jersey, try an internet search for “nj county park campground”, or “nj city park campground”.

Free New Jersey RV Camping Ideas

Here’s a list of places to consider when looking for a free overnight New Jersey RV camping or parking location. We always recommend asking for overnight RV parking permission when looking for a free spot to spend the night. The smaller your RV, the better chances you will have finding places to stay if you choose not to ask permission. If you don’t ask permission, you end up “sneaking” into places and hoping nobody bothers you or issues you a trespassing ticket before you move on.

Be smart and Be Safe…Ask Permission.

  • Truck Stops – Asking permission is usually not a requirement Be considerate of the big rigs!
  • Walmart – Not all stores allow overnight RV parking in New Jersey due to city ordinances. Check store for policy.
  • Nightclubs – Had one too many or just pretending?
  • Grain Elevators – Ask where you can park your RV out of the way for the night.
  • Fraternal Organizations – VFW, Elks etc. may allow members free overnight RV camping.
  • Cemetery – Sounds creepy to us, but we’ve also heard they may have water available.
  • Fairgrounds – State and County facilities may allow RV camping when not otherwise in use.
  • Parks – City, County, State, and Community parks often have free RV camping.
  • Churches – You can almost make “reservations” by calling ahead for permission.
  • Hotel Parking Lots – Assuming a nightclub/bar is inside, had one too many or just pretending?
  • Truck Terminals – Parking areas for large trucks might allow you free RV camping permission.
  • RV Dealers – Pretty brave to us, but you could fit right in.
  • Cracker Barrel – These nationwide restaurants usually allow free overnight RV parking.
  • Movie Theaters – Too tired to drive home after the late show?
  • Highway Rest Areas – All rest areas allow a few hours of free RV parking, but noisy.
  • Drive In Movies – Got a small RV, park in the back row and enjoy the show. Fell asleep by accident right?
  • Vehicle Repair Shops – Need to see the repairman first thing in the morning?
  • Big Box Retailers – Kmart, Best Buy, Sams Club often allow free RV camping.
  • Roadside Parks & Picnic Areas – The early day version of the rest area.

As you can see, there are a lot of free New Jersey RV camping and parking possibilities. If you are not asking permission, it’s best to keep a very low profile. If your RV has slide outs, jacks and TV antennas, don’t use them so as not to draw attention to yourself. Consider your surroundings carefully and if you feel uncomfortable with the area, move somewhere else.

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